Panic button for iPhone and Android: a new app that warns your friends and family that you are in danger

Seeing this app in action reminds that there is an app for everything. Recently, a new and interesting app came to my attention. According to the developers, the PanicMe app can help you when you find yourself in possible danger. It will send push messages to 30 different contacts, letting them know that you need some help.

panic me app

With the GPS technology incorporated in the app, the alert recipients can also see the place where the user is located , and accurately determine the distance at which they are. The red alert light means that you are in imminent danger, such as being attacked or injured, which suggests that you need help as soon as possible. Green and yellow lights mean that you’re in a really bad situation, like when you are lost in an unknown city.

The PanicMe app can be send the push message up to 30 people and can be accessed even by the police, who can check the call of help when it is announced. Recipients are notified on their own smartphone by pop-up messages at regular intervals in a different space allocated by color alert.

If you are curious about PanicMe, you can download a free version of it now. Of course, you will be able to use limited functions, but it’s enough to get the hang of it. Check the free and full version of the app on Apple Store or Shop GooglePlay .

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