Pixelbook: a high-end Chrome OS device


October 4 will be a busy day for Google. The company is unveiling its new smartphones: Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL … but that’s not all. The company has a surprise in its sleeve that should amaze its fans.

And this surprise is … a new Chromebook. Attention, we are not talking about any Chromebook. Pixelbook will respect its glorious elders in the Pixel range. Before being a brand of smartphones, Pixel was all about high-end laptops. This year, it will return with Pixelbook: a high-end Chrome OS device.

Pixelbook Chrome OS laptop

We still know little about the Pixelbook, except that it will be a laptop that’s capable of transforming itself into a tablet. Therefore, we are talking about a hybrid that can be used with a specific stylus pen. It will be pressure sensitive and…really fast.

The computer is sober in its design. Considering the price of $1,199 for the 128 GB version, we are talking about powerful specifications. If you want to get larger internal storage, you will have to pay $1,749 for 512 GB version (a 256 GB option will be available at $1,399). This is very expensive for a device that runs Chrome OS, but the Pixelbook will probably worth the money.

In any case, Google Pixelbook should be a really interesting alternative to those bored with macOS or Windows.

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