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Power Up 3: The best paper airplane controller

Posted In Cool Gadgets - By John Script On Monday, December 2nd, 2013 With 0 Comments

History unfolds its greatest secret: the simplest ideas may bring the greatest rewards! Folks at PowerUp Toys have created a revolutionary gadget that would allow iPhone users to see their childhood dream come true: paper airplanes controlled by iPhone flying longer than ever. All you need is a small device called Power Up 3, a small paper airplane booster and controller developed by a team of passionate Americans.

PowerUp 3 Cool Gadget

Designer Shai Goitein is the founder of Power Up 3.0, a cool gadget that promises to bring a lot of fun not only to children but also to the adults. Power Up 3.0 features two main components: a small engine propeller and a front rudder. It can be attached to any paper plane and it can be controlled with a smartphone application that can be downloaded from Apple Store. The communication between the smartphone and the plane’s device is made via Bluetooth.

PowerUp 3 Cool Gadget 2

The app has everything you need to pilot a paper airplane like a pro: controls for propulsion and steering, compass, remaining battery power and distance. The assembly can be charged via USB with any USB cable. So far, the record flight of such aircraft is over 54 meters. Pretty neat, right?

The developers need some help, and they’ve asked the Kickstarter users to help them raise their goal of 50.000 dollars needed to start mass production.



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