Cool Playstation Portable Movie Dock and Music Amp

Although smartphones are taking over these days in terms of mobile gaming, from time to time I’m still taking my old PSP to my vacations for a quick adventure.  The cool thing about this console is that you can actually watch games on it. Too bad you have to hold it the entire movie. That’s why Movie Dock or Music Amp were invented, to make our viewing experience more pleasurable..

PlayGear Amp
You may find that PlayGear Amp from Logitech is not the cheapest solution out there, but as usual, they will bring the best quality money can buy. For some customers, the sound system by PlayGear Amp brings better audio quality than the audio system used on their computers. This gadget is foldable and it fits into a carrying case (included). The box includes the unit itself, an AC power adapter (the system also runs on 4 AAA batteries), the PSP cradle, one short cable, one 3 foot cable, and the carrying case.

PSP Movie Dock has an extra feature (the remote), but is not as classy as Music Amp. Even so, it will get the job done, meaning it will hold your PSP so you can enjoy your movie experience! The dock itself be powered by the PSP’s battery, 4 AAAs, or the power/car plug. The sound quality is pretty decent, and you won’t regret you bought it.

PSP Movie Dock

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