Reasons iPhone 4 is the best business smartphone

Whenever you consider the iPhone 4 is just a glossy toy for Apple fan base, I have some arguments that business users should consider when buying a new smartphone.

Astonishingly, it is not better for business organization due to its fast performance, ultra-high resolution screen, folders, improved call quality or even multitasking. Its transcendence arrives from features and from functions that were under-reported and under-appreciated.

Here are some reasons I truly believe Apple’s iPhone 4 is the best business phone ever created so far:

Cloud Sync for Notes
Almost every iPhone possessors up to now have not used Notes app on the old iPhones. But the iPhone 4 allows you to save Notes documents instantly to an IMAP-capable e-mail system, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

iPhone 4 is really optimized for acquiring notes in business meetings and can really be used instead of laptops or tablets.

Apple FaceTime
Although Apple FaceTime does not support conference calling, the video calling through Wi-Fi really comes handy in the business world. And let’s not forget that there are few applications that allows video conference.

Before iPhone 4, one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone was lousy battery life. That changed with the new iPhone, because it provides 7h of talk time. This means you can use our phone heavily and still get enough juice for few hours of internet browsing and gps/music listening per day.

iPhone platform has 225.000 applications that are likely to provide every business user with general business applications and narrowly focused options for every particular business. While we are on the subject, you  should check one of the best email solution for iPhone email sync

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