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Why you really don’t need a tablet

Posted In Tablets - By JohnScript On Monday, February 21st, 2011 With 0 Comments
I know tablet PCs are huge these days, but there are folks not too pleased with them. It’s hard to understand why someone would choose not to buy an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Archos 5 and opt for a desktop or an old fashion laptop.
The first reason is that the tablet provides no tactile feedback. It’s really hard to feel something real while touching a glass. On-screen keyboards are not as accurate as good-old-fashion keyboards we are found of.
Of course, you can do a lot of cool things with your tablet PC, but there are better alternatives. They say a tablet is great for watching TV online, but the experience is much better on a real TV using the remote control. You can read books on it, but Kindle is way better because of the eInk technology that has reduced eye fatigue. It’s easier to surf the web on the computer, because you can use multitasking and multiple tabs in the same time. Many tablets these days does not offer that. Any available app for a tablet has a desktop alternative that is better in any way.
The argue is that a tablet is useful when traveling often, but in your own home a laptop would be better.
What’s your opinion on the matter?

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