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Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors and Release Date

Posted In Smartphones - By JohnScript On Monday, November 19th, 2012 With 0 Comments


Things are moving really fast in technology, and every year new smartphones are released, faster and powerful, with better camera and better display. The big thing in the next generation of smartphones is the 1080p display, and companies are already preparing their 5 inch 1080p display smartphone concepts.
Samsung is doing really well recently in terms of sales and notoriety, and I’m sure they will try to maintain their leading position. What are the threats for Samsung? Well, LG had released a 5” 1080p LCD panel, HTC will release HTC Deluxe really soon, and Sony will also produce a 5” 1080p phone. We all know that every of these upcoming smartphones can be the next big thing, so if they want to compete, they need to have an exquisite product.
Although no official statement has been made, rumors say that Samsung will showcase a new full HD 1080p 5” smartphone at CES 2013. Of course, it will be a Super AMOLED display. I’m not sure if there will be a next model of Galaxy Note, but S4 will be certainly released. Other rumors say that with the next generation of Samsung smartphones, we’ll see a reboot in terms of design, functionality and technology.
The expected date of Samsung Galaxy S4 release: March 2013
(the image is a concept photo, article source:

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