Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were introduced

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge

Last night, Samsung introduced their highly anticipated smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6, along with another high-end device called the S6 Edge. Both devices are available in 5 different colors and they are protected by the Gorilla Glass 4 technoloy. The metal used in the case is 50% stronger than the other smartphones on the market, and folks at Samsung even made a joke that their new smartphones will not bend in the pocket. This is a direct laugh on Apple’s expense, since in the past year many users complained about the durability of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display with Quad HD resolution, which offers a pixel density of 577 PPI. Both phones feature the company’s processor, Exynos 7420, built on a 14nm octa-core 64 bit CPU with 4 Cortex-A57 cores clocked at 2.1GHz and 4 Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.5GHz. Exynos GPU Mali-T760 comes with 3GB of RAM LLDDR4. The Galaxy S6’s battery has a capacity of 2550mAh and the Galaxy S6 Edge’s battery has a capacity of 2600mAh. There will be no micro SD card slot on board.

Both these smartphones will be available starting April 10 and they will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions at prices starting at $699 (according to SamMobile).

As expected, the camera on both smartphones come with various functions. The main camera is the same as the one used on Galaxy S5, 16 MP, and the secondary camera has 5MP. There is a ‘low light shot’ function that combines multiple images for a higher quality. Real-time HDR is another function that should attract the customers towards the Samsung’s camp. The main camera has 16MP and it comes with optical stabilizer. Both cameras have f1.9 lens, which offers better image quality in low light conditions. The Samsung representative said that they have also improved the overall performance of the apps. For example, the default camera app opens in less than 1 second!

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