Samsung Galaxy Tabs 3: The Replacement for Traditional Browsing?

Once seen as being in the shadow of Apple’s iPad, the Galaxy Tab series has just welcomed the third generation of this influential tablet, the Galaxy Tab 3.7.0, and has unleashed it onto the market. But while consumers may have lots of different compact tablets to choose from, such as the iPad Mini, the Kindle Fire HD, and the new Kindle Fire HDX, the race to find and buy the best compact tablet on the market is starting to open up to the latest generation of Samsung tablet.

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab 3

But how can a simple tablet replace how people work, access the internet and do their general day-to-day browsing? The answer is: very easily.


Perhaps one of the most understated tablets available, and while it doesn’t feature some of the elegant design of the Nexus 7, or the feel of the iPad Mini, the Galaxy Tab 3.7.0 is sturdy and strong, giving the feel of a tablet that could withstand the pressures and damage of day-to-day use.


Weighing in at just 300 grams, the Galaxy 3.7.0 is a light tablet, in fact, it’s lighter than the previous 2.7.0 generation model, but 10 grams heavier than the Nexus 7. So, it’s comfortable to hold in your hand for periods of time, and it won’t take up too much space or add too much weight to the average messenger bag or handbag.


Featuring a 7-inch LCD display, the Galaxy 3.7.0 offers good viewing angles thanks to its IPS Technology. With a pixel density of 169ppi, the appearance of text and images on the screen can seem a little fuzzy, however, this generation of tablet doesn’t have the responsiveness issues that its predecessor, the Galaxy 2.7.0 was reported to have had.


Moving to the hardware aspects of the tablet, it boasts a microUSB slot, two speaker grills, a headphone port, 1GB of RAM, a choice of 8MG, 16MG or 32MG internal storage, and all 32GB models come with a microSD card slot. So, a lot can be done on this little tablet, as long as it doesn’t use up too much RAM.

So, can the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.7.0 replace traditional PCs and Macs for day-to-day browsing? Yes, they can, as they offer many of the features that these computers do, but at a fraction of the size, the cost and they are much easier to transport. Designed for the ultimate ease of use for today’s busy lifestyle, the Samsung tablet is closing in on the iPad, and who knows what the next generation will hold for consumers?

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