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Samsung Galaxy X: Foldable Smartphone Concept

Posted In Smartphones - By John Script On Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 With 0 Comments

Samsung Galaxy X

Apparently, this year at MWC 2017, Samsung has introduced a new concept to their close partners. This is nothing ordinary, since we are talking about a concept that could revolutionize the market and mark the future of smartphones. Samsung Galaxy X should be the world’s first smartphone to feature a foldable display. It can be regarded as a premium flagship device, with features that will put current smartphones to shame.

According to a concept video released on Youtube that’s allegedly based on leaks, Samsung Galaxy X should have a 5-inch AMOLED QHD screen and, when it is completely opened, it will turn into a 7-inch tablet with AMOLED screen. The two cameras will have 12MP and 8MP sensors. Under the hood we find a Snapdragon processor.

Samsung Galaxy X concept design

The following clip introduces the Samsung Galaxy S concept based on information that’s available until now. If it is accurate, Samsung should have a working prototype this year and by 2019 we could expect to see in on the market.


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