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Samsung will launch a Galaxy smartphone with a screen that covers the edges

Posted In Smartphones - By John Script On Friday, November 15th, 2013 With 0 Comments

Although Samsung is doing really well in terms of sales, something lacks… According to most smartphone users, the Samsung devices are great, but the real innovation is in the Apple camp. With their latest Touch ID, Apple has created a new standard in terms of smartphone security, and I’m sure that most manufacturers will adopt it in the future. In order to get a nice rebound, Samsung wants to launch a Galaxy smartphone with a screen that covers the edges of the device, so that users can read messages or monitor stock prices in any position.

samsung flexible display

Sources revealed that the new phone will use an upgraded version of Samsung Youm technology that’s currently used in the device Galaxy Round. The three side display could be used in Galaxy S series or Note series or maybe in a new line of smartphones. Samsung intends for each side of the screen to be operated independently.

In their competition, Samsung is the dominant player at this moment, but history showed us that things change rapidly in this industry. The advantage against Apple in the race of producing smartphones with flexible screens has began (according to Samsung), but we are not sure if Apple is really playing in the same game.

Getting back to the new technology, we have no official date for the release of the new phone, but according to sources it is likely that the product will be available in the second half of 2014.

Youm technology was introduced in January at the consumer electronics’ saloon in Las Vegas.

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