A review on Electric Shock Lie Detector Game

Lie Detector

Product Description
According to the reviews, this Shocking Liar is the best lie detector game you will find today under $20! If the person who uses it lies about something, he/she will have to endure a short electric shock. All you have to do now is trap your victim with this game, and follow the set up procedure. Then, you can perform your questioning.

Lie Detector Game

If one of your friends has his hands on this lie detector , the device will zap them instantly with a well deserved shock if they will tell a lie. They may be able to get away with a few small lies, but the Electric Shock Lie Detector will catch up with them. When it does, you can watch them scream while they are shocked! This cool gadgets requires 3 AAA batteries (they are not included in the package).

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This Electric Shock Lie Detector is a great gadget for playing jokes on your friends, but not so great for kids, so be sure to keep it away from them.

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