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Sony Bravia Smart Stick – specs and price

Posted In Cool Gadgets - By John Script On Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 With 0 Comments

The success of Google’s Chromecast gave Sony enough reasons to develop a similar gadget with many features but with some limitations. This is Sony Bravia Smart Stick, a device that aims to take a bite of Chromecast’s market but it has its limitations and a big drawback: the price.

Sony Bravia Smart Stick

If you have an older Sony Bravia HDTV, you know that its interface is simple, there are no Internet browser or any apps included. Cool applications, websites and online media can become available on such HDTV if you manage to put your hands on the new device from Sony, the Bravia Smart Stick. The gadget is somewhat similar to Chromecast but it works on on Sony TVs.

The second drawback of Bravia Smart Stick is its price: 149,99 dollars, four times higher than the gadget from Google. Smart Stick can be found in online stores with a remote that has a touch pad and an incorporated microphone for voice control.

With this device, users will be able to use their Sony TVs for media and Internet content because both can be accessed simultaneously. Although the gadget was announced, we don’t have an official date for the US or Europe release.

I’m sure the manufacturer will make an effort to demonstrate that their gadget is better than its main competitor. Chromecast from Google, a small device that is inserted into any TV’s HDMI jack cost only $35, so the competition is not about the features but rather about the huge price difference.

The device works with iOS or Android, and Chrome browser on a laptop. Music and videos will be sent wirelessly to Chromecast and then be viewed on the TV screen.

The new gadget will be a serious competitor to the Apple TV, which costs $ 99.


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