Sony MDR-X05 Headphones

Sony MDR-X05 Headphones

Sony just announced their new addition to their X Headphone Line, the MDR-X05 headphones. The design is pretty stylish and lightweight, with red and grey colors. The headphones were created by Simon Cowell in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment.

Sony MDR-X05 Headphones2

When Sony started this project, they wanted to create the best sounding headphones in the world, in other words they are trying a shot at the Monster Beats’ throne. The MDR-X05 headphones are all about high-quality sound and portable design, but without a proper marketing campaign, it would be a real quest to “beat” Monster’s headphones.

Sony MDR-X05 Headphones3

These X headphones were created using Sony Audio Engineering, a 40mm drivers and high acoustic seal. They will work great with every music player in the world, especially with Apple’s products, because the X Headphones feature the 3-button control remote (the microphone, the track and volume controls). The 3-button control remote is also compatible with AndroidTM smartphones.

source: Sony

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