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Sudoku is so real on the iPad

Posted In Cool Gadgets - By JohnScript On Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 With 0 Comments

Sudoku Game has a nenchanting story. “Su” stands for number in Japanese, and “Doku” relates to the individual place on the puzzle board that each number can fit into. Besides this, it implies someone who’s separate—so, one way to depict the game is “Solitaire with numbers.” While its name is Japanese, its ancestries are in reality European and American, and the game symbolises the best of both cultures. Contrary to several other games, Sudoku’s evolution exposes it to be a true hybrid conception.

I’m a long time Sudoku fan, so I was pleased to come across this amazing app for iPad and iPhone. Sudoku Real Edition for the iPad Is not about reinventing this amazing puzzle game, it’s more or less about the feeling. When I played it for the first time it was just like actually playing Sudoku on a real book.

It features extremely detailed graphics and animations to put the iPad’s great video resolution to work. What’s interesting about this version of Sudoku is that all of the important graphical elements in the game are real-life items that were photographed to supply a more naturalistic feel. Animations and sound effects have also been simulated after a real book. They aspired to absorb you even further by supplying small touches to the Sudoku game, like rather than admitting a pause screen, Sudoku Real Edition has a digital bookmark that slips into place.


new features on version: 1.3 via iTunes

– Single number annotation added
– Annotations “how-to” added
– Graphics improvements

price 1.99


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