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Super Mario World and Windows 95 on Nook Simple Touch

Posted In Tablets - By JohnScript On Friday, September 14th, 2012 With 0 Comments
I saw this video today, on Sean’s Youtube channel and it was kinda cool. Not because of the old game or the B&W; Nook, but because of the combination between the two of them. This could be the foundation of new gaming technology. As you may know, the E-INK technology used by eBook readers like Nook or Kindle it’s just like paper for the eyes (it doesn’t bother the eyes, and you can watch an E-INK display for days and you won’t feel sick).

In order to play Super Mario World on his Nook, Sean used a cheap keyboard connected to the device through an OTG usb adapter.

The Nook Touch Simple was rooted with Android 2.1 and NoRefresh app was used in order to get the USB Host Support installed. (more on the subject here)

Also, he managed to install windows 94 via DosBox:


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