Sweet alternative to apple’s iPad

As many of my friends know, I’m not a big fan of iPad. Why? Mainly because they like to keep their stuff in their house (NO usb support, NO flash, NO sd, NO… NO…). So, trying to search something that fits my internet mobile user needs, I found out that there is life after iPad, and there are few good alternatives to it. The one iPad alternative that caught my eye is ExoPC. Take a look on the specs and check their official website

1. ExoPC
This is my first choice as an iPad alternative. Why? Well, it looks like an iPad, it feels like an iPad but has some other great specs:
* comes with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
* 2GB / 2GB DDR2
* Intel Atom Pineview-M N450 1.66 GHz – 64 bits support
* SD Card Suport
* 2 USB Ports
* 1.3mb Webcam
* Battery life 5 hours
official website
Price: 599$ (32 GB)

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