“Terminator” glasses ready this year?

Google HUD glasses are able to display images on the lenses just as they appear on the monitor, while keeping a degree of transparency that enables the user to view the environment. Google HUD are among the most interesting products we have talked about lately. The latest rumors said that this gadget will start to be sold later this year, at a price of $ 250 – $ 600.

Connected wirelessly (via 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to a mobile device running Google Maps, Google HUD glasses will help us orient ourselves more easily to various points of interest.

If we are to believe the recent informations regarding this cool gadget, the glasses will be compatible with Android. Images control will be made through vocal commands, but also by head movement.

Google officials did not comment on the project status or onb the date when the glasses will be released.

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