Tesla Model 3 is ready for pre-orders. Only $1000


Tesla is continuing the plan to introduce affordable yet high-end electric vehicles to the roads all over the world. With its current Tesla Model 3, an automobile that was designed for the middle class drivers, they might be able to do that. Being priced at half the base price of Tesla Model S, we can expect to buy this jewelry at a price of $35,000. But not quite yet, since the car is planned to be released in one year in United States and in two years in Europe. But that should not stop you to pre-order it now for an advance of $1,000. The pre-orders start March 31st.


This electric car should have an autonomy of 300 miles (500 kilometers) per charge and it is expected to be 20% shorter than its predecessor, being placed in the same market segment as Audi A4.

As expected, all the high tech features will be present, including the automatic pilot and advanced safety systems.

Tesla Model 3 should be a landmark in the electric car industry, but I have my own reasoning to belive that problems may occur in the process. I’m talking mainly about the low gas price. Of course, the fans will buy the car, but normal customer may not be convinced to switch to an electric car, now that the gas prices have gone so low. Either way, I truly believe that Elon Musk has done a beautiful job with the company,  and I do hope that his product will sell.

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