The Best Audio Interface for Recording under $200

The best Audio Interface Under 200

Well, I wrote about this subject almost two years ago, when I got my first external audio interface: Audio Kontrol 1. I still have it, and it works great. But, this summer I decided to buy a new one for my vocal recordings. So, after reading a lot about soundcards, audio interfaces, audio interfaces reviews and users experiences, I decided to go with Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Audio Interface. It has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon (probably the best reviews out there), it’s very reliable and easy to set up. This audio interface can be the center of your home studio setup.


Most reviews said that it is the best recording interface in its class and has crystal-clear preamps, the best Analog to Digital conversion and ultra-low latency. You can connect this audio interface to your laptop, MAC or PC via USB, and if you are recording with a condenser mic (which you probably are) you can use the Phantom Power feature. It works on a Mac and on a PC. Great value, low price…

For more info and price for Saffire 6 on Amazon

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