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The Best Batmobiles of All Time (top 5)

Posted In Cars - By JohnScript On Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 With 0 Comments
The Batmobile is an important part of Batman franchise. At beginning, it was just a vehicle to get Batman to a crime scene, but over the years, it became an important weapon against criminals, it became a ferocious street machine. As you already know, the car is kept in the Batcave and it was first introduced back in 1939. This is my Top 5 Batmobiles

The Best Batmobiles of All Time

Batmobile (1995)
This was designed by H.R. Giger in part. For me, this version of Batmobile lost the sleek lines we were used to, but instead, we got a more aggressive looking car. Too bad the movie was not that good…
Batmobile (1992)
This is the Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series (1992). I grew up watching Batman riding this one, and I really love the design, the lines and the dimensions. Maybe it’s a car that’s not that practical, but man, when Bats was driving it, I was blown away.
Batmobile (2011)
This Batmobile looks like a  Lamborghini Ankonian. The car was first seen in Batman: Noel comic short, created by Lee Bermejo. Fans all over the world noticed the redesigned Batmobile, and embraced it pretty fast.
Batmobile (1989 & 1992)
This version of the Batmobile was designed by Anton Furst (who won an oscar) to fit Tim Buron’s vision of the movie. The car was built using a Chevy Impala chassis. 
Batmobile (2012)

Although this Batmobile is not about looks, I think it’s the best Batmobile of all time. I know the other Batmobiles look better, but man, this car is realistic, practical, and compared to other cars, it looks like it could blast some walls.

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