The cell phone with the longest battery life: battery for 15 years!

If you have a smartphone you know that the biggest problem with any smartphone today, no matter of brand, is the battery life. The smartphones are packed with features, fast processors, full HD displays and… a poor battery life. What if I was to tell you that there is a cell phone with a battery life of 15 years?

The cell phone with a battery for 15 years!

This story is not new, but the device is incredible. If you are willing to use less multimedia apps and to limit your calling time, then you should (in theory) have a cell phone whose battery will last up to 15 years in stand by mode.

SpareOne is the first mobile phone that works with one AA battery – one of the most popular and readily available batteries. It provides up to 10 talk hours and 15 years of standby mode – so, in case of an emergency, the phone can be always used.

With a reasonable price ($50 on U.S. market, the producing will begin on March 2012), without display, this is a very simple device, that works with any SIM card in GSM 850/1900 MHz or 900/1800 MHz and can be kept as a “backup phone” for cases where the your smartphone is discharged!

The phone offers a reachable dedicated emergency number (hold down for two seconds) and 3-button setup option to speed dial. This one seems like Back To The Future!
cell phone with longest battery life

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