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The coolest iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton

Posted In Apple - By John Script On Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 With 0 Comments

iWatch Concept

Apple is famous for creating new products in complete secrecy and most fans never learn anything concrete about upcoming Apple gadgets until the official launch. But this has never stopped artists to create designs that imagines depicting how the future Apple products may look like.

The already famous iWatch is a device that’s awaited for some time, although it was not actually announced by the Californian company. Even so, people are already talking about this future outstanding watch, making Apple at least interested in the subject. Other companies like Samsung have already teased the market with Samsung Galaxy Gear, and they will probably release a new version along with Samsung Galaxy S5.

Getting back to the iWatch, a designer named Todd Hamilton made a concept design of the gadgets, imaging it as bracelet that can do all sort of things, including to initiate phone calls. Here is a video showing how it works:


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