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The Golden Lamborghini Aventador

Posted In Cars - By John Script On Friday, September 20th, 2013 With 0 Comments

They say there is a market for everything and if do you manage to get in touch with rich people you can even sell them everything. Even a … real Golden Lamborghini Aventador that costs 7,5 million dollars.


This Lambo model build from solid gold was designed by Robert Gülpen back in 2011, but the actual gold model hasn’t been built yet. Instead, a model made from cheaper materials was built and it’s available for sale at $650,000.

Since 2011, Gülpen is looking for an actual buyer that allows him to build the real golden car.


As you can imagine, the car is exhibited at a car saloon in Dubai. There is no better place to crave for attention than Dubai.


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