The most toxic mobile phones

Two of the most popular and best selling mobile phones of the moment, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, are considered non-toxic by researchers. But, they said said the substances found in some devices can lead to the development of fetal malformations or other health problems. That’s not good, right? Maybe we should think better before getting all that power in a tiny smartphone.

According to a study by experts at and sites, some parts of mobile phones have in composition substances that can seriously affect the health of the user. 
After analyzing the components of 36 popular phones, scientists found that they have in their structure substances such as bromine, PVC, heavy metals – lead, tin and chrome – but also fire retardant products. Experts have compiled a top depending on the degree of danger represented by these devices. 

The first and the least toxic mobile phone is named Motorola Citrus, followed by iPhone 4S, LG Remarq and Samsung Captivate. The new iPhone 5 was ranked fifth, better than its main rival Samsung Galaxy S III, which was ranked ninth. Also, on the 6th position, was placed Samsung Evergreen. iPhone 4 has the same level of toxicity as Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Reclaim.

 Top non-toxic mobile phones:

According to specialists on these two websites, the most toxic phone is iPhone 2G, considered really harmful to the environment. The top five toxic mobiles also includes Palm m 125, Motorola MOTO W 233 Renew, Nokia N95, Blackberry Storm 9530 si Palm Treo 750.

 The most toxic mobile phones:

The substances that are used to build mobile smartphones are usually kept secret by manufacturers who do not want to put their business at risk. I don’t see HTC One X in this list though…  See what’s inside iPhone 5

What’s the score of your phone?

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