The Next iPhone Release Date

According to scinotions, next month, on September 10 we could see the next iPhone release event, the long anticipated and iPhone 5S. More than that, we could also see the cheaper iPhone, the mid-range iPhone 5C (unofficial name). If the rumors are true, the launch of iPhone 5C will mark a new era for Apple, who finally understood that creating top-notch devices for hi-end marked is not enough anymore if they want to remain on top.


If we are to believe the website, the next Apple devices will look just like the ones in the picture above. We can see a different iPhone 5S, and a new device with a plastic case (that’s probably the iPhone 5C). There were a lot of rumors and speculations on the next iPhone’s features, some including a fingerprint scanner. I’m not sure if we’ll see all these speculated features included in the next iPhones, but I do believe they will feature a better camera, a better processor and a larger battery. The new iOS 7 will probably be officially released during the same event that will be held on September 10, 2013.

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