Things I don’t like about Apple

I’m going to state the facts: Apple products are outstanding when it comes to quality and user experience. But I really don’t like the way they drain money from their fans. There was iPhone 3, then they released iPhone 3G, then they released iPhone 3GS. The exactly same phone with a new feature. And fans loved that and bought the new devices like crazy. I’m sure they could have released 3GS from the beginning, but where is the fun in that? The same thing happened to iPhone 4s. By the time they released iPhone 4, a 12 Megapixel phone was already on the market, so the technology was available. But they decided not to use it. Instead, they used a 5 Mpx camera on the iPhone 4, and after a whole year, the 8 Mpx camera was available on the next version of iPhone 4 (the iPhone 4s). The customer had enough reasons to upgrade to iPhone 4s and made Apple company really rich. That’s not cool! And this is happening with all their products. The recipe works fine until the customers decide to make a stand against it.

Apple has created a cult around their products, they create a huge anticipation before every new launch date, and people lose their minds, they need and desire the new product even before it’s launched. They need to have that new astonishing device because it’s so revolutionary and cool. Again, I’m not against the product, I’m against the strategy. I like iPhone 4 a lot (I own one), I also own an iPod Classic and I love the way it plays my music. No other MP3 player offers that unique experience. But I don’t like their marketing strategy. 

Evil Marketing Techniques

I came to a conclusion long time ago: Apple is evil in its marketing techniques. The best example I could find was the difference between the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB version of the iPhone 5. From one version to another, you have to pay $100 in order to get more memory. But the memory is so cheap these days, that price is almost impossible to justify. A 64Gb memory card is only $57. Hmm…

After seeing the iPhone 5 release event, I decided that it’s time to move to bigger things (literally). I owned a Nokia N73, Nokia N95, Nokia N8 in the past, I’ve changed it with iPhone 4 (and I loved it), but maybe it’s time to move on, right? So, in the following days I’m going to get a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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