Tikker – The Death Watch

Ever since we get a sense of time in our life (when we are young) we understand one simple thing: time moves forward and clocks follow the same direction. This unique watch is called Tikker and it was created with a single purpose: to show you how much time you have until you die. Seems creepy, but if you look at the bright side, it could be rather helpful.

Tikker 1

Even if the Tikker project seems morbid at first sight and many of us find no reason to wear such a device, maybe there is a bright side to it. The creator of Tikker, Fredrik Colting, says that this watch is not about making you sad about the seconds left in your life, but rather making you aware that life is short and you need to live every second to the fullest. Tikker is a reminder that time is very precious and you should not waste it in vain. It was in the designing process for almost two years and currently it is listed on KickStarter.

tikker 2

Every such device comes with a questionnaire to help it determine with approximation the time you have left on this Earth. The questions are about your daily habits, your vices, possible incidence of disease in the family and the age of your grandparents. After all data is compiled, Tikker will estimate the time you have left until you… well… die. It reminds me of the concept found in that movie, “In Time”.

Would you wear this watch?

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