Tips for Selling Jewelry Online

With the increased popularity of Internet shopping, it is easier than ever to both buy and sell jewelry directly to customers. Selling online has the benefit of lower overhead costs and reaching customers from all over the globe. Having an online store also has the benefit of lower start-up costs than brick and mortar stores. Jewelry is a popular option for stores to sell because it appeals to wide audiences and many people have a passion for jewelry, especially unique pieces they cannot find anywhere else. But there are a few things to keep in mind when selling jewelry online.

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Taking Good Photographs

When you shop at a jeweler’s store in person, you can see the pieces up close, inspect them, and try them on. But buyers online cannot do that with pieces you are selling. To make up for this, it is extremely important to take good photographs that accurately capture the style, condition, size, and color of every piece you sell. To do this, you will need a digital camera. Some smartphone cameras are good enough to get the job done, but looking into a high quality digital SLR camera might be. Taking pictures of jewelry on a black, white, or gray background is best so the background does not distract from the piece. Make sure the photos are all in focus and are interesting for buyers to look at.

Accepting Payments

Another important thing to consider when selling jewelry online is what kinds of payments you are going to accept. There are devices that allow you to take credit card payments from people directly, such as the ipad credit card reader. An advantage of a device like this is that if you decide to also sell jewelry at tradeshows or craft fairs in addition to online, you can still accept credit payments. Another good option is an online service that can handle payments for you. Customers send their money through these services directly to you for a small fee, and all parties involved have the relief of secure, anonymous payments that will not compromise personal information.

Storing Inventory

Jewelry is good for sellers who have limited storage space since pieces are small and compact, but it is still important to store it safely. Pieces can be stored in individual plastic bags to avoid tangling. It is also possible to store jewelry in plastic storage bins that have individual compartments. Fragile pieces might require padding to keep them safe and whole. Jewelry is often made out of metal, so it is important to keep it away from moisture to prevent rust and damage.

Selling jewelry online is a fun and rewarding enterprise. As you get into the business, it is important to consider several options for photography, payments, and inventory storage. With a little bit of time and practice, jewelry sellers can establish themselves as a strong online presence and build a large, loyal customer base that brings satisfaction for years to come.

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