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Top 10 Gaming Apps For 2013

Posted In Video Games - By John Script On Monday, November 4th, 2013 With 0 Comments

Mobile entertainment apps have become a bit tricky to navigate, simply because the popular ones generate borderline sensations on social media and in the news. Just think about it – when was the last time you scrolled through your Facebook feed without seeing some notification about a friend’s latest accomplishment in Candy Crush Saga?


The truth is, however, there are thousands of gaming apps available, and the few at the top of the charts tend to overshadow some great options. So here are our picks for the top 10 gaming apps of the year currently available.

10. NinJump Rooftops

NinJump has always been one of the most enjoyable simple arcade experiences in app stores, and the “Rooftops” update provides some fun new features that make it a top pick for this year.

9. The Curse

From, The Curse is a fun, playful quiz/puzzle app with a bit of “horror” plot infused. Your task is to solve puzzles to battle “The Mannequin,” a devious villain who you inadvertently release upon the world when you begin the room.

8. The Room Pocket

Another puzzle app with a creepy plot involved, The Room is absolutely brilliant. It’s a graphically beautiful game with some truly clever challenges that can keep you busy and intrigued for a long time.

7. Betfair Casino

This bingo app is essentially an entire casino for your mobile device. Unlike ordinary casino apps (and there are plenty for bingo, in addition to other casino games like blackjack and poker), Betfair gives you the capability of gambling real money on just about any casino game you can imagine. It’s a major step in entertainment on mobile devices, and opens up a huge bingo and casino market.

6. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

There are plenty of great tower defense games out there. Bloons may take the headlines, but we like Kingdom Rush: Frontiers as the best of the year.

5. Year Walk

Based in Swedish folklore (which you can learn more about on the Companion app), this is a mysterious, creepy journey through a vaguely haunted atmosphere. It’s an immersive and intellectual experience that’s deeply entertaining.

4. Turtles, Huh?

This is truly 9 games in 1, and as such is one of the most enjoyable and expansive gaming experience in any app store. 8 “mini games” help you to earn attributes and capabilities for the 1 main game.

3. Real Racing 3

There are a lot of truly awful racing games out there, and many think that racing simply doesn’t translate well to mobile devices. This is true in most cases, but give Real Racing 3 a shot before you write off the genre.

2. Plants Vs. Zombies 2

PvZ is one of the more popular apps and online games, and Popcap has done it again with PvZ 2. This is one of the best updates to a game we’ve ever seen, as the 2nd version absolutely dwarfs the original.

1. Infinity Blade II

It simply can’t be topped by anything else in the app store. Infinity Blade II is so beautiful, and so action-packed, that it’s easily the closest thing there is to a console experience in an iPhone.

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