Top 25 most used passwords in 2012

Wow, I’m still surprised about the fact that many of my friends use overly simple passwords. If your password is found on the following list, maybe it would be appropriate to change it ASAP! Don’t let other people enter your account so easy, at least give them a hard time. published this year, the list of 25 most used passwords of Internet users. Remember that a strong password has a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers and special characters. It would also be helpful to have a password with more than 8 characters.
If we are to look at the exactly same top of 2011, it seems that users have not learned much. Many of the passwords of 2011 are found in this top. However, compared to last year, we can observe an increased frequency of passwords related to sports and religion. Jesus is on position 21.
Who would have thought that?  

Here’s the full list of Top 25 most used passwords in 2012:

1. password (stationary)

2. 123456 (stationary)

3. 12345678 (stationary)

4. abc123 (in ascending position)

5. qwerty (descending position)

6. monkey (stationary)

7. letmein (climbing position)

8. dragon (climb two positions)

9. 111,111 (rising 3 positions)

10. baseball (climbing position)

11. iloveyou (climb two positions)

12. trustno1 (descent 3 positions)

13. 1234567 (descending 6 positions)

14. sunshine (climbing position)

15. master (downhill position)

16. 123123 (rising 4 positions) 

17. welcome (new entry)

18. shadow (climbing position)

19. ashley (descent 3 positions)

20. football (ascending 5 positions)

21. jesus (new entry)

22. michael (climb 2 positions)

23. ninja (new entry)

24. mustang (new entry)

25. password1 (new entry)

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