Top 3 Online Antivirus Scanners

Computer viruses has been around since the computer old ages. They tend to spread very quick and infect your PC in every way they can.

Along with Internet evolution, the virus threats has increased so much is almost impossible to stay updated and safe. Nowadays there are many free online antivirus scanners that allows you to check your PC/laptop for viruses.

Here are the top 3 online antivirus scanners:

Bitdefender is an award winner antivirus software. With this online tool your PC will be scanned in less than 60 seconds. All you need is an internet connection. In my humble opinion it’s the best online virus scanner. You should try it even though your PC is not infected.

This free online virus scanner has a user friendly powerful action that will remove malware from your PC using only your web browser. It will use ESET (nod 32) virus signatures database. Remember to signup as an adming when running this online virus tool.

This Online Scanner will help you remove viruses and dangerous spyware from your hard drives.

After using any of these tools, remember to opt for a security solution for your PC. A virus infection can damage your documents, your videos, your pictures and even the physical hard drive. That’s why you should buy an AntiVirus Software now!

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