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Top 5 Coolest Gadgets Gifts for Christmas 2014

Posted In Cool Gadgets - By JohnScript On Sunday, November 21st, 2010 With 0 Comments

Christmas is so near I can almost smell it. I was browsing the web the other day to get some gifts ideas for Christmas 2010 and guess what. I found some crazy stuff that I thing will get you to laugh at least.

1. Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank

This one is a laugh instant starter. Drop a coin through the strategically placed slot and stay tuned as the bank lets out a big, juicy one. Makes saving more entertaining no matter what your age. Access your hard-earned hard cash from the bottom of the bank. Measures 5.5″W x 6″H x 5.25″D. Batteries, not included.

2. Tekno Newborns Puppy in Dots and Silver

Tekno Newborn Puppy is your own artificial robot dog to play with. He’s armed with AI and real time emotions – Tekno newborn monkey’s eyes illume in different colors to expresses feelings. This robotic dog is fully mobile, he walks forward, right and left. Due to the voice activated tech inside -Tekno newborn puppy gets delirious when you call him. This amazing dog has presence detectors so he can sense your touch and answers consequently

3. The FAST Gas Scooter Model XG-550 (Includes EPA Certified Gas Engine)

You have more technical details on Amazon, but here is what you need to know about this scooter: the speed is up to 35 mph and distance 20+ miles per tank. Also be aware, the seat is sold separately, so be sure to order one from the website.

4. Worlds Smallest High Resolution Mini Video Camcorder

This high res camera fits anywhere due to its thumb size. It can record in High Resolution- 640×480 with Clear Audio Recording. Admits all mounting accessories. This small camera supports up to 8gb bit Includes 2gb Card with microadapter.

Archos Child Pad 2 8 Series 80

5. Archos Child Pad 2 8″ Series 80

ARCHOS is known for its ceaseless technology conception, now brings in its fresh Archos Child Pad 2 Tablet for kids. This amazing tablet aggregates all the multimedia know-how that ARCHOS is famous for, with the ANDROID OS. It offers you an astonishing Internet, media, and TV experience in a customizable interface. In constant evolution with the uninterrupted reaching of fresh applications, you are able to individualise your ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet to absolutely reflect your tastes and needs and it costs only $79. What is a perfect Christmas gift for a man? image credit and source:

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