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Top 5 Most Wanted Features of iPhone 5

Posted In Apple - By JohnScript On Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 With 0 Comments
I want to please my visitors in any way I can, and after seeing that the most popular article on Crazy Cool Gadgets is about the iPhone 5, I thought it would be a nice idea to write about some of the best features that folks want to see in the new iPhone 5 (according to a cNet poll).

The iPhone 5 release is just months away, so let’s see what are the Top 5 Most Wanted Features of the iPhone 5, as decided by the iPhone fans.

1. Bigger Screen – Samsung is a trend setter when it comes to screen size, and Apple has to acknowledge that fact and come with a bigger screen for the new iPhone 5. I love to watch movies or videos on my smartphone, and sometimes I’m frustrated that the iPhone 4s has small display.

2. Longer battery life – The first time I got my hands on the iPhone 4 I was amazed by the overall quality of the phone. But everything faded to black after few hours of hardcore usage. Apple needs to come up with a real solution to battery life, because getting a charger with me everywhere I go is not a solution anymore.

3. Real LTE 4G – It’s time for the iPhone to be LTE 4G, because there are a lot of smartphones out there that are faster because of the use real 4G technolgy.
4. A new, slimmer design – Apple is remixing the original iPhone design for some time, and if they want to remain relevant on the cell phone market, they need to bring something new to the table.
5. Wireless charging (known as inductive charging) – although this technology is not yet available, scientists are working hard to help us get rid of all the cables in our home.
BONUS (the most unwanted feature of the iPhone 5)
Almost every rumor about the iPhone 5 release talks about a smaller connection port. This change may force you to buy some new accessories.



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