Top Halloween Geek Costumes

Halloween is not just for kids. We, adults, need to enjoy life from time to time. And if you love technology like I love technology you will appreciate this list of  Top Halloween Geek Costumes. I hope you will get some nice ideas. Click the images if you want to see the prices.
Disguise Costumes Men’s Imm2 Iron Man Mark 6 Adult
Who’s your favorite Avengers character? Mine was Iron Man, that’s why this is my first choice for the top halloween costumes. It’s time to enter the world of Tony Stark in this authentic Man Mark 6 costume. The details are amazing, even the arc reactor on the chest glow. The helmet details are just perfect. At this price, I’m sure you will not find something better.
Paper Magic Men’s RoboCop Costume
Robocop is a symbol of justice and rightness. I still remember the first time I saw the movie. Man, that was a blast. With this costume, you will make a real impression and maybe you will remember folks what a cool Sci-Fi movie is all about. It’s time to shine!
Darth Vader Supreme Edition Costume
I will start saying this: the costume is not cheap. But if you want authentic quality, it’s the right choice for you. Based on the original patterns from Star Wars movies, this Darth Vader Halloween costume will make you feel like the most known villain in the history of movies. May The Force Be With You!
Optimus Prime 3D Theatrical W Vacuform Adult Costume
Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, a group of robots that came to Earth to protect it. Optimus Prime is all about leadership, diplomacy and power. As a leader. its main attributes is the ability to put itself in danger in order to save the weak. The costume is really nice and it features a printed jumpsuit, head helmet with light-up eyes and a chest piece. It looks really nice, doesn’t it?

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