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You may already use your smartphone apps to track your calories, discover new music, and shop around for discounts at clothing stores. However, did you know that there is a wide range of apps to decrease the cost of car ownership? With today’s crop of smartphone apps, you can save money on fuel, spend less time in traffic, and find the nearest charging station for your electric vehicle. The following are a few of the most useful apps to download.

Car Minder Plus App

1. Car Minder Plus

Car maintenance is one of those costs that creep up on you over time. Although you may not shell out for an oil change or new tires every day, if you miss basic maintenance like this it can bite you with the cost of a serious breakdown later on. You can stay on top of your scheduled car maintenance with the Car Minder Plus app, available for iOS. It sends you alerts when it’s time for a maintenance or service check, and then logs all repairs on your behalf so you have a handy record of what’s been done. It can also track your fuel economy and manage more than one vehicle.

witness driving

2. Witness Driving

A dash cam, besides being a fun toy to play with, can come in really handy when you find yourself in an accident or stopped for a speeding ticket. However, a regular dash cam can cost hundreds of dollars. Download the Witness Driving app for iOS or Android for only $0.99 and you can track driving when it matters. There’s a looping record function, as well as the ability to track your speed, location, time, and date along with it. An accident detection feature sends an automatic email with all of this information should you find yourself in a collision.

gasbuddy app

3. GasBuddy

Fuel is one of the most significant costs for drivers, particularly because it can vary so widely in between different stations. The GasBuddy app is free for Android, Blackberry, and iOs. It shows you a range of local gas prices, including different grades available so that you can find the best deal near you.


4. Waze

At its heart, Waze is simply a very convenient navigation app that’s free to download for Android and iOS. Yet it can save you money by providing you with real-time traffic information, allowing you to skip jams that would cause you to sit for hours burning fuel. Because it’s community driven, you have access to the latest information regarding gas prices and accidents alike.


5. PlugShare

If you’re trying to save fuel and do your part for the environment, you can compare electric and hybrid vehicles using an app like this one from Carsales. The PlugShare app is also useful once you have made your purchase, because it helps you find the nearest charging station when you’re on the road. It breaks down the categories so that you know which ones are currently in use, which ones are quick-charge, and which are free to use.

By using these handy money-saving apps, you can decrease your cost of car ownership and make your time on the road more efficient.

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