VoIP Studio – A great solution of Cloud Hosted IP BPX services


Just as we speak, the landscape of today’s communication is evolving at an unprecedented pace. For any business owner out there, it is vital to know that the service provider makes things easier to keep up. There are many offers on the market, but if you want quality services that are compatible with your business needs, then you will probably have to scout the market for a bit in order to find one that’s suited for you. The other day, I had a conversation with a friend who asked for my advice in this regard. After looking at all the offers on the market, I settled for a solution created by Level 7 Systems, named VoIPStudio.  There are many services, and each of them delivers specific functionality by itself, but this one seems to have all the features important for my friend’s business. It was very important for him to have a system that would pack all these services to work together in order to make the user experience more intuitive, more collaborative and more integrated communications.

Before talking about the VoIPStudio, we should talk about the cloud Hosted IP BPX services in general. A well designed communications system should be easy to implement, and more than that, easier to use. By using a hosted business solution, the company will never have to experience the pain of managing various lines for voice, data or other similar services again. A single line will deliver everything needed for most companies, packing all the services under the same provider. On the other end of the line, you will find a large package of business class applications that are available on demand. All these applications are located in the service cloud, along with contacts, messages, system preferences and settings. This type of technology makes it easy to extend these services across new devices found in various locations. If the owner of a business is focused on remote work, this type of technology is definitely something that might be of your interest.

With VoIPStudio, the user experience is personal, meeting all the communications needs and allowing the user to decide how to get the most of the communication service. If you are working remotely or you are always on the go, this type of service provides a large package of complementary applications that will enhance the productivity, it will give you better mobility while maintaining high quality services and it will increase the results of your work. In other words, by using this service you will have access to multiple communications tools and devices. It’s really not that important if you own a small business or a large corporation. This type of communication service is very flexible and scalable, and it is designed to grow with your business. You can start with a starter package and get a larger one as your corporation evolves. As their official website states, VoIPStudio is available in 50 countries and in over 4000 cities all over the world, having a portofolio of clients that gave it exquisite reviews.

This cloud hosted BPX is a rich hosted IP communication switch that combines multiple applications into one. The rates to common numbers are really affordable, and you will be able to make free voIP calls all over the world. The software is really easy to use, allowing the owner to make and receive calls, to create pickup groups and ring groups, to add new extensions, to create individual profile. My friend just called me today and he said that the customer service is impeccable. If you will encounter any type of problem, the official website offers a direct line to a consultant that will answer any question you may have. Simple as that!

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