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I know that I started this blog from one simple line: we live in a world of technology. Let me rephrase that for you now: We live in a world where everything is really fast, where TV is not the main source of information, where advertising is very different compared to 10 years ago. Nowadays, popular brands are allocating a huge portion of their marketing budget for web advertising, and I think that in a near future, that portion will be bigger and bigger.  

Why are companies investing in web advertising?

The first reason for that is the feedback. Using the web advertising, companies can see the performances of their campaigns almost instantly, you can gather feedbacks and you can adjust things on the way.
The second reason everyone is using web advertising more and more, is the targeting of audience. Ever since Adsense was introduced to the world, advertisers learned about audience groups. You can target audience from specific countries, on specific keywords or on specific language.
Web advertising is very flexible, and advertisers can make so called tweaks after the campaign started, in order to make the campaign even more effective. Using traditional methods (TV or print ads), this would be very difficult, and it would consume a lot of time and money. And this is the third reason.

2011 was a good year for web advertising, but 2015 is expected to be even better. What’s interesting for me, is the ratio between the print ads and the online ads. If that ratio is almost 1 to 1 in 2011, the projections for 2015 look impressive. It seems that in three years, there will be two times more online ads than print ads, and almost the same online ads as TV ads.

Right now, the main players in online advertising are Google (44%), Microsoft (12%), Facebook (3%) and Aol (%1.5). In my opinion, Adsense is really strong on its position, but Microsoft could lose the second place to Facebook, since I’ve read that Mark Mark Zuckerberg is trying new things with his company.

If we are to look at countries that spend the most on web advertising, you should know that USA, Canada and UK are investing really hard right now, but they will invest a lot more in the future. I was reading the other day a post about this topic, and the power of social media is really acknowledged these days, and I’m sure that every advertiser company out there are going to use it a lot in the future. 


The Web is getting stronger and stronger, taking more and more of the overall advertising. The actual trend shows that bigger investments in online advertising is expected in the following years.

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