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Why was Instagram bought by Facebook?

Posted In Apple - By JohnScript On Saturday, April 14th, 2012 With 0 Comments

Most analysts say that Instagram-Facebook deal raises many questions.

This could be the deal of the year: Instagram was bought by Facebook. The deal raised many questions according to analysts, who have concluded that Mark Zuckerberg took this decision because he feared the competition.

Instagram was small company that had only 13 employees and lacked a real business model. But its fame increased like crazy recently, having double users in the last four months. Now, 30 million people use the application.

Analysts began to speculate that the main reason Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram was because it represented a threat to Facebook’s photo service.

Instagram creators became millionaires at 26 years old. They just launched the application for the Android platform version, after the iOS amazing success.


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