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Windows 8 Review – things you should know

Posted In Cool Gadgets - By JohnScript On Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 With 0 Comments

The frenzy with the launch the first pre-beta build of Windows 8 almost passed and it’s time to discuss things that are truly important regarding this historical movement of Microsoft and what impact will this have on the market, on hardware and user perception.

Metro Interface

The most visible change that is observed is related to the metro interface concept (already present on the Windows platform Phione 7). Instead of the classic Start menu that is present in Windows for more than 15 years Microsoft presents a new concept: tile sites. Static icons are replaced by tile s, of fixed size that can aggregate more information for the user to see instantly what is happening with his application – eg module brings real-time weather forecast information.

Enhanced touch interface

Finally, after many unsuccessful Microsoft attempts to join the fight for tablets market. Metro is an interface built specifically for the exclusive use of touch and the experience is exceptional! And very easily get used to it.

Multiplatform, multiformat

The fact that the same version of Windows can run on ARM processors or on a variety of other devices, regardless of size, shape or screen resolutions opens tremendous opportunities for developers: they can write one application which will then run on a similar high variety of devices without rewriting and recompiling needed.

Microsoft did not say it clearly, but it’s obvious: Windows 8 is made ​​for tablets. That’s the reason I trully believe that when launched, Windows 8 will run only Metro and metro apps. But time will tell…

Cloud Synchronization

Who chooses to use a Live ID account will automatically be synchronized with cloud operating system settings and applications.

No maximize / minimize and resizing windows

Metro runs all applications in full screen that is no longer bothered by menus and scroll bars. Information can be easily arranged and accessed. There is however a way to run multiple applications in Metro main screen: the multitasking option, similar to what’s on Honeycomb but done better.

You want to give it a try?


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