Windows Phone Surface N [concept]


Ever since I wrote about Space 3 smartphone, I understood that future smartphones will be thin, flexible and transparent. Ever since, we have seen many attempts to create the perfect future smartphone, few concepts even became prototypes.  Of course, manufacturers have a long way to go until they will be able to release a full transparent and flexible phone, but they are walking that road, making the first steps towards that goal.

Windows Phone Surface N is a concept phone that’s pretty thin, transparent and has a super-resolution screen like no other: 3,840 x 2,160.

If we are to observe the tech trends, the cell phone display resolution and CPU speed seems to double every two years, so we will probably see a cell phone display with 4K resolution pretty soon. If you ask me, Surface N is not a concept, it’s a sketch for a future smartphone.

This concept phone was created ​​by the mediaWORKS KuanGaa and it was presented in a very spectacular video. The concept also features holographic screen and Lytro camera technology, which allows you to post-focus pictures. Great technology included in this device, too bad it’s only a concept phone.


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