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Wireless Glove Controlled Electric Mountainboard

Posted In Cool Gadgets - By JohnScript On Friday, October 14th, 2011 With 0 Comments

Wireless Glove Controlled Electric Mountainboard was invented by Andres Guzman-Ballen , a Computer Engineering alumnus and incoming ECE graduate student at UIUC.

The student manage to control his mountain board using his wireless glove.
 Here is what he used on this project:

  • SparkFun flex sensor to control board’s speed
  • op-amp used to control to change in current
  • microcontroller to convert analog to digital signal
  • NRF2401 Transceiver to send data
  • microcontroller placed on board to convert data to a PWM signal – in order to change the RPM on board
  • a kill switch located near the thumb to make the board fail-safe
  • safety semaphore

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