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Home Security Systems are are various and they can be available for different types of locations. They can be mounted anywhere, whether you live in a large house or in a flat. But there is a catch: sometimes, we encounter problems when trying to buy and mount these home security systems. They can be wireless or wired, powered by battery (or not) with cameras or movement sensors.

Today, I am going to introduce an affordable 5 in 1 smart home alarm security system from Xiamoi that’s easy to use and mount and it should take care of your home when you are not in the neighborhood. The package contains a multifunctional gateway remote control, the window or door sensor, the smart wireless switch, human body sensor and the smart outlet. With this package you will be able to cover and monitor a medium size house or a flat without any hassle. Getting things ready is really simple. Most of the gadgets included in the package are powered by a battery.

Xiaomi 5 in 1: Affordable Smart Home Alarm Security System

Multifunctional Gateway Remote Control
The gateway is the brain of this alarm system since everything in the package connects to it and you will be able to control the system through the smartphone app. It also doubles as an online radio (it features a built in speaker) and night light. If you buy a Xiaomi IP camera then you will be able to add it to your system through this gateway.

Window Door Sensor
The door intelligent sensor will sense when the door is opened or closed and it will notify you. You can also set for the alarm to ring when someone enters. The battery inside will last for up to 2 years. You can also add this sensor to a window.

Smart Wireless Switch
This switch connects to the remote gateway and allows you to remotely control electrical appliances in your home.

Human Body Sensor
You can use this sensor in order to find out if someone is in the house but you can also use it to automatically shut down various appliances in your home when you are not around. It is small and it can be mounted everywhere.

Smart Wifi Socket
This smart socket detects the actual power, it provides various electricat statistics and, most importantly, allows you to switch it on or off from your smartphone. You can also benefit from its overload protection and timing switch.

Overall, this security system is really affordable and it provides enough features to smart up your home and control everything from your smartphone. It’s easy to install and use and Xiaomi is definitely a brand that you can trust.

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