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Yellow Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport – 2011 Dubai Motorshow

Posted In Cool Gadgets - By JohnScript On Thursday, January 26th, 2012 With 0 Comments

The recession is for the poor ones and Bugatti Veyron proof that reheating soup and serving it at a beautifully decorated set of plates at the Dubai Motor Show might work. Set name? Obviously, Middle East Edition

Bugatti offered in recent years wealthy’s most eccentric ultimate supercar: the Bugatti Veyron. With the end of series production, the only chance to display on board the most terrible asphalt devouring car remained only Grand Sport Cabriolet. Three special editions of it were recently unveiled at Dubai Motor Show, where creations are exclusive for exhibitors.

Veyron Grand Sport Limited Edition looks amazing with the exterior and interior color combination, elements that make it unique and desirable. The three models are part of the batch of 105 units left in stock. In order to easily sell them, Bugati turned some of them turns into real jewelry collection.

The new Bugatti Veyron convertible model is offered in shades of yellow (Ettore Bugatti’s favorite color), green and blue sea. Carbon fiber is the element that dominates the exterior, so that quality leather can prevail the interior. Color matching can be a matter of taste, but in this case we meet materials and exclusive colors.


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