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Living in world of technology definitely has its advantages. With all the apps existent today, it’s really facile to transform a simple tablet into a point of sale terminal for your shop? Also, it’s really easy to accept credit card payments via your smartphone. You will soon learn that there are plenty of mobile solutions for entrepreneurs, all of them being easy to purchase these days. All these gadgets and devices willy provide for everything you need in your business, from credit card payment processing to point of sale systems like Shopify.

Next, I will compile a short life of payment options that you might consider to check to make your site mobile payment ready:


According to PayPal’s official website, they are reaching a milestone of processing 1 billion mobile transactions just in 2014. That’s a huge number that proves the PayPal empire is amongst the top choices for merchants and consumers all over the world. The company provides multiple services, including card-free transactions and a mobile app that facilitate the transfer of funds between users. PayPal Beacon is also an interesting project. It is a Bluetooth device that is specially designed for hands-free and in store transactions. It has the technology that allows the device to sync with the POS systems of retailers and the PayPal app in consumer smartphones. It’s activated when your customers step inside your store making the transaction really easy for everyone.


If your business requires a mobile credit card processor, Intuit’s GoPayment for iPhones and iPads as well for Android devices works great and it should be definitely taken into consideration. The banking processing service has a monthly fee of 12.95 dollars, but at this low price, you will also get a hardware that can be used to swipe customers’ credit cards for free. The unique transaction fee is only of 1.75 dollars, which is lower than its direct competitors from this list, making GoPayment an appealing choice.

The service is also compatible and easy to integrate with QuickBooks or Intuit Payment Solutions software. It also has a feature that automatically syncs the accounting software, allowing the user can manage the books with ease.


This service is a mobile payment division of mobile technology company ROAM Data, a mobile payment solution that is offered by number of merchant service providers, at attractive fees. The banking service also has a monthly wireless access fee of only $7.95. For every swipe of the card, the client will be charged between 19 cents and 1.58 percent. Pretty neat, right?

Flint Mobile

This service is based on a principle that doesn’t need credit card readers. Instead, it uses the smartphone’s camera to work. There is a payment application that makes credit card payments possible. Instead of actually swiping the card, the app allows the user to scan the card number using an attached dongle or extra piece of hardware.

The system can also be used to send invoices when the time to collect bill payments arrives. Flint Mobile is also able to work with bank checks along with cash and it will also allow you to access customized coupons with Apple Passbook integration. The app has an automatic syncing system of all transactions and line item information, as well as customer data with QuickBooks accounts are just a few of its other features.

The service is free of charges but the user will have to pay a transaction fee of 1.95 percent for debit card payments and 2.95 percent for credit card usage. However, you can use it to manage cash or checks, even invoices and coupons at no charge.


If you are looking for a mobile credit card payment processor that’s simple and hassle-free then you should definitely check Square. There are few options for new accounts, and you can also have a no merchant account, for starters. It’s a good back-up solution to have if your mobile payment processing transactions happen for just a few times a week.

This application connects directly to your bank account and it is able to accept the payments from plenty of major credit card companies. The transaction fee is fixed t 2.75 percent, which is a bit dear but since you won’t have to worry about monthly fees, then it’s a good deal, over all.

Google Wallet

Using NFC technology, Google wallet gets rid of long queues. If you don’t have a reader, you can buy or rent one from First Data, Google’s partner. Android phone users just have to hold their devices over the reader and payment is done. Just make sure to run the Google Wallet app during the transaction. It’s convenient, fast and easy.

Apple Pay

Along with the release of iOS 8 and iPhone 6, Apple introduced NFC technology and a system called Apple Pay has taken mobile payments to a whole new level. Just few week after its launch, 30 percent of smartphone users are already saying that they will probably embrace Apple’s system when they shop’ll this holiday season. The information is based on a consumer survey conducted by Stratos Inc., a company that’s known for being the creator of the Bluetooth Connected Card.

Apple Pay is credited with the positive shift in attitude towards mobile payments. Given that NFC technology-based devices are now gaining momentum, 50 percent of smartphones set to launch in 2015 are sure to support NFC-technology capabilities.

These are just seven picks. There are many more mobile solutions available in the market. If you want to get a new system in place right before the holiday shopping season though, you better start exploring your options now. You should take your time to find the payment solution that works for your site by comparing monthly charges and transaction fees. It might be inconvenient now to shift to a new payment system but it can be a move that will pay off in the long run.

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