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MiPow’s PlayBulb String – The Best Outdoor Holiday Lights

My friends at MiPow just made my day by sending me MiPow’s PlayBulb String for a review. Their new project aims to deliver a gadget that's simple yet extremely useful during the holiday season. What's even cooler about this project is that before seeing its KickStarter page, I thought of few applications for PlayBulb String and none of them included the Christmas tree. So yeah, don't think this gadget can be used for a single purpose because that's not the case... The package As you know, I like to pay attention to details. PlayBulb String comes in a pleasant reddish high quality red box. Inside, I have discovered a greenish content - the cable and the lights. The light string is made of high quality plastic material that seems to…
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MiPow’s BTL300 PlayBulb Candle Review

Every once in a while I get to review a gadget that's so simple yet so attractive and addictive that's literally giving me hours of fun. BTL300 PlayBulb Candle is the perfect example in this regard, since the gadget designed and manufactured by MiPow received a lot of love on KickStarter back in October, last year. Ever since I saw the project I was really curious about it, and today I had the absolute pleasure of using it for few hours. The candle comes in a pleasant reddish package that's simple and attractive. While I was unwrapping it, I couldn't help but notice the quality of the box. I don't know about you, but ever since Apple introduced the first iPhone, I tend to appreciate things that follow a simple…
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PlayBulb Zoocoro Airwhale Review

Over the last few years, Mipow has sent me few of their premium mobile device accessories and smart lighting solutions for review. Without a doubt, I can tell you that PlayBulb Zoocoro Airwhale is definitely the funniest and most useful gadget I've tested in the past few months. I've been using it for few hours now and I can find tons of way to use it. Leaving aside the shape of Airwhale (a "fat" airplane), all the other features appeal to grown-ups and children alike, and I bet that you will fight with your kid in order to use it. PlayBulb Zoocoro Airwhale Review - Shape and form PlayBulb Zoocoro Airwhale comes in a shape of a fat and cute airplane. The plastic material feels great when you touch it…
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