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LG G4 battery life

The story is simple. I just bought an LG G4 for my dad and the very next day he called me complaining about it. He was very pleased with all its performances and specifications, the camera was great, but he just couldn’t cope with LG G4’s battery life. After searching for this on the Internet, I found out that most users were complaining about the same battery problem on their smartphone, especially after upgrading the firmware to Android 6 Marshmallow. But hopefully, there are some tips that should help you fix this and give you 30% more usage time on this amazing smartphone.

1. Disable GPS / location services
Location Services is a huge battery drainer, and you will definitely see an improvement in LG G4 battery life if you will use the service only when you’ll need it.

2. Disable Sync and automatic updates
Disable the automatic synchronization and Google Play Store automatic app updates. This way, your smartphone will not access Google’s server multiple times a day, thus shrinking your battery life. You can do this from the shortcut in the menu.

3. Keep the display on low brightness
There’s no doubt that the display has a large impact on LG G4’s battery life. If you can manage to use it at the lowest brightness level that’s acceptable for you, you will notice a large increase in battery life. On the same note, you can reduce the sleep time on the display to 15 or 30 seconds. This should make a huge difference.

4. Disable / uninstall unnecessary apps
There is no need to keep an app installed if you don’t need it. You can disable them by going to Settings > Device > Apps. From there, you can select an app that you wish to uninstall or disable and that’s it.

5. Disable notifications if you don’t need them
You don’t need to be notified by all apps. For example, a camera app like Camera 360 will push notifications about its updates and new features, but you don’t really need to know all those things. In most cases, you can disable these notifications without losing to much information. You can do that by accessing Settings > Device > Apps, select the app, and from there just access the “Notifications” options.

6. Uninstall Facebook
Most users on XDA Forum said that the Facebook app is using a lot of battery juice on G4, especially in Android 6. As a workaround, you can uninstall the app the access Facebook from the browser. The experience is similar and you will gain more uptime with your smartphone.

7. Install Greenify
Greenify is a battery saver app that automatically shuts down background processes for particular apps. I’ve been using it successfully with my old Samsung Galaxy S5, and it does a decent job for LG G4 as well. Greenify will list all the apps that run in the background, and you can choose which one to automatically shut down once the smartphone enters sleep mode.

Downgrade to Lollipop
If you have made all these modifications and the LG G4 battery life still sucks big time, you can opt for a drastic measure. Downgrade from Android 6 to the previous version: Lollipop. Most users noticed that the battery life was way better on Lollipop.

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