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OnePlus 5

OnePlus introduced its new flagship, OnePlus 5. This is a smartphone that has been long awaited by fans as well as by experts all over the world, especially since it was a nice surprise since its first iteration. OnePlus 5 was made available starting June 27, and the starting price was set at $479. It is a very good price if we take into account the special specifications of this smartphone.

The pros of OnePlus 5 include the camera, which experts consider to be the best camera to be included on a smartphone this year. The device also has a fast battery charging system, ensuring a full day of operation after just 30 minutes of charging.

The display
OnePlus 5 has 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED screen that looks great but it is a bit under today’s flagship standards. It has only 401 pixels-per-inch. It may not seem that much, but according to most OnePlus users, the display looks sharp and crystal clear. Of course, you can’t compare it with S8’s display (for example) but still, it is a beautiful display.

Processor & RAM
OnePlus 5 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 8GB of RAM. This is the thinnest OnePlus model released so far, with a thickness of only 7.25 mm. The case is made of aluminum, with Horizon Line edges, which brings a great overall design. We would have loved to see a higher screen-to-body ration, since this is the trend right now. Maybe in the next OnePlus model…

OnePlus 5 features

The camera
The smartphone has a dual camera system with excellent resolution, allowing the user to capture exquisite images. Here’s a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5 in this regard.

The dual camera system has a 16 MP camera (main, f/1.7 EIS) and a 20 MP camera (telephoto, f/2.6) that ensures very fast shots and stabilizes the image using software algorithms. There is no software stabilization on the dual camera system when recording 4K videos. Just like the iPhone 7, OnePlus 5 also features a Portrait Mode, which blurs the background images in a way that highlights the face of the person being photographed (depth of field). The OnePlus 5 features the Pro Mode option, which gives it DSLR-like specifications: ISO, white balance, focus, shutter speed.

Battery & Charging
The Dash Charge will charge the phone within half an hour, making it run all day. The internal battery has a capacity of 3,300mAh.

The Operating System & Storage
The operating system is OxygenOS. Click here to watch a video with the best tricks, tips and features of OxygenOS on OnePlus 5. It comes with two storage options: 64GB and 128GB. There is no SD card slot available.

The Price
OnePlus 5 will be available in two versions: Midnight Black with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage at a price of $539 and the Slate Gray version with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory at a price of $479. As you can see, it is a bit pricier than the previous iterations.

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