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Over the last few years, Mipow has sent me few of their premium mobile device accessories and smart lighting solutions for review. Without a doubt, I can tell you that PlayBulb Zoocoro Airwhale is definitely the funniest and most useful gadget I’ve tested in the past few months. I’ve been using it for few hours now and I can find tons of way to use it. Leaving aside the shape of Airwhale (a “fat” airplane), all the other features appeal to grown-ups and children alike, and I bet that you will fight with your kid in order to use it.

PlayBulb Zoocoro Airwhale Review – Shape and form

PlayBulb Zoocoro Airwhale comes in a shape of a fat and cute airplane. The plastic material feels great when you touch it and you can easily hold it with just one hand. Its dimensions are 114.83 x 175.29 x 163 mm and you get an additional round charging connector.

PlayBulb Zoocoro Airwhale Review – Cool features

Cool Bluetooth Speaker
I will begin with the features that are most interesting to me. This night lamp doubles as a 360 degree bluetooth speaker or as a toy. I absolutely loved the way it sounds when I’m playing music directly from my smartphone. The bass coming out of that 360 degree speaker is really aggressive and the sound is crystal clear. If you are buying this as a bluetooth speaker you will not be disappointed. But wait, there is more…


Zoocoro Night Lamp
Zoocoro Airwhale is also a night lamp. It will remain turned off, but when you tap it with your palm, it will automatically turn on and light your side of the bed. I find this feature really useful, especially if you don’t want to wake up the person that sleeps on the other side of the bed. In addition, you can also switch it on from your smartphone.


Zoocoro APP Control
Just like other Mipow gadgets that were presented on CrazyCoolGadgets, PlayBulb Zoocoro Airwhale can be controlled from the PlayBulb X app. You can change the color and add various effects like rainbow, flashing, pulsing or fade. Also, from the app, you can easily set a waking up time or a shutting down time. I have tested this function in Playbulb Candle and it is very useful.


Zoocoro Wireless Charging
This cool bluetooth speaker and night lamp benefits the wireless charging technology. The mobile station comes in the box, and you can use it to charge your smartphone as well. I love the simplicity of the toy and the fact that you don’t need to insert cables inside in order to charge it. This reminds me of the way Apple designs their products.


PlayBulb Zoocoro Review – Other models

If you don’t like the Airwhale model, don’t be sad. Mipow has created enough models to answer everyone’s taste. As you can see in the image above, besides Airwhale you can enjoy the ZOOCORO Ducky, ZOOCORO Bear, ZOOCORO Bunny and ZOOCORO Piggy. All the other models have the exact features like Zoocoro Airwhale.

You can preorder Airwhale on Indiegogo but you should also check Mipow’s official website for additional information.

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