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How to submit your product for a review? CrazyCoolGadgets tries to provide some of the most accurate reviews that you can find online. If you represent a tech company and you want to get your product reviewed, don’t hesitate to contact us. We accept and we are eager to review all kinds of gadgets: smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, toys, bluetooth gadgets, TVs, laptops, headphones, etc…

When you contact us (via email or contact form), make sure to include the following in your mail or contact form:

  • Availability status (when and where will it be available)
  • Price
  • Status
  • Product images
  • Specifications and features

How do we review your products
Every time you send us a product, we will try to review it as thoroughly as possible. The product review process is usually really fast (2-3 days) and you will get a chance to see the review article before being posted online. When we are finished reviewing your product, we will not return it to you. It will remain in our archive. Contact us here or use the following email: